Sign Now to Support Walking and Biking in Glendale!



In case you were not aware, there are a few big transportation issues that are being considered that have a substantial impact on the future of the surrounding area in regards to our transportation infrastructure. If you want safer streets for walking and bicycling in Glendale, now is your chance to change history. Glendale is currently submitting its final recommendations for the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments Mobility Matrix. This list of projects will determine the amount of funding that is being spent on pedestrian and bicycle projects in Glendale for the next 28 years!

Currently, only 1% of the funding ($290M-$480M of the total expected $23B -$40B) in the mobility matrix is set aside for bicycle and pedestrian projects despite the fact that:

  • Each year over 100 pedestrians and 50 bicyclists are injured or killed on Glendale streets in motor vehicle collisions (38% of fatalities and 16% of injuries according to SWITRS).
  • Glendale continues to rank 1st in CA for pedestrian collisions involving a senior citizen (over 65 according to OTS).
  • 19% of all trips in Los Angeles County are accomplished by walking and bicycling (NHTS).
  • 36% of school children walk or bicycle to school in Los Angeles County (NHTS).



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