About Us

Our Vision: To make Glendale a city where everyone feels safe to walk and bike.

Our Mission:We advocate for vibrant and safe places to walk and bike, promote walking and bicycling as fun and sustainable alternatives to driving, educate to increase safety on our streets, and inspire the community to get involved and make a difference.

Our History:  Walk Bike Glendale formed in 2011, and became a local chapter of Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) in 2014.  We’re looking to grow, so find out how you can support us and get involved!

Steering Committee: Walk Bike Glendale is directed by our steering committee which is comprised of fun and energetic community members. If you would like to get involved with the steering committee please attend one of our monthly meetings and check out our chapter rules here.

Committee Members

Image may contain: 2 peopleSteven Nancarrow (2015-2017 Chair): I’m a Composites/ Materials Engineer. I joined Walk Bike Glendale so my son and daughter can grow up in a safe community, to promote family friendly biking and bike commuting in Glendale, and for all the fun group rides. My favorite place to walk is down Brand to the Central Library, Bevmo, and the Americana.  My favorite place to bike is the LA River path.


Jenny Morataya (IMG_6494Vice-Chair):
I’m a recent graduate of California State University, Los Angeles majoring in Geography – Urban Analysis. I didn’t feel safe walking and biking in Glendale, so I joined this group to be around like-minded people who wanted to change that. I really enjoy taking walks and bike rides around the backstreets of my home in the Verdugo Woodlands neighborhood. For a quiet and leisurely stroll, I head over to Catalina Verdugo Adobe. For a great workout, I like to hike all they way up to Las Flores Motorway Trail.

Martha Sensel_ Jan 2014


Martha Sensel : I am a freelance medical writer. I joined Walk Bike Glendale to promote bicycling and bike-friendly streets in Glendale. I don’t have one favorite place to bike in Glendale, but my usual routes take me west across  Mountain Street and Kenneth Rd and surrounding neighborhoods, or north to La Crescenta or La Canada.


Kayla Kaiser (Social and Creative Media Czar/ Secretary): I am a faculty member in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Northridge. I walk and bike to reduce my carbon footprint and to enjoy the city at a leisurely pace. My favorite streets to bike across town are Wilson or Central. I like walking along Glenoaks. I joined WBG for the fun & safe group bike rides!


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.04.30 PMAlek Bartrosouf : I joined WBG because I believe that transportation- related problems are reaching a high-point in Glendale and we need to come up with innovative ways to make this city more livable and people-oriented. I like to walk the streets of downtown Glendale.  Everything is concentrated and I don’t need to use my car to get around.  The streets are clean and people are very friendly.



Nathalie Winiarski : I teach bicycle safety to children (Safe Routes to School) and adults. Being an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, I am passionate about raising awareness within our community to support and encourage individuals and families to create a safe environment, promoting outdoor activities using cycling and walking as a healthy green transportation alternative and a great way to see and appreciate the City of Glendale’s natural beauty. My favorite place to walk is Millar Drive/Luton Drive in the Woodbury area (Great view of downtown Glendale and Los Angeles), my favorite place to bike is Kenneth Road and my favorite place to hike is Deukmejian Wilderness Park.

KWSergile HeadshotKara Sergile : I have a small consulting practice which focuses on helping cities, schools and non-profits with public health program planning and implementation – specifically projects to educate and encourage children and their families to be more physically active. I love my community and Walk Bike Glendale’s mission and vision are aligned with my personal and professional paths – besides everyone is SUPER DUPER nice and FUN! I enjoy walking my two children to school every morning…it is special time with them to chat about the day ahead and have some fun along the way, and get some exercise!

Ely Lester (Advocacy Committee Lead):  I’m an animator, and have lived in Glendale for 17 years. I got involved with Walk Bike Glendale hoping to help make the city the kind of place where it is safe, practical, and enjoyable to walk and bike. My interests include transportation, urbanism and the history of the region. I especially like strolling in the walkable neighborhoods East of Brand and hiking in the Verdugos.

Michael Kaiser (Advocacy Committee Lead)

Honorary and Founding Members


Justin Klein (Creative Director):
I own and operate the medical illustration company, SketchCandy. My goal is to help the residents of Glendale realize how easy it can be to walk and bike around town. I love, love, love the downhill ride on Verdugo Road from Montrose to anywhere in Glendale!

CW_Mar112013-292Katie Kurutz : In my professional life I serve as the Place-Based Marketing Manager for First 5 LA, a taxpayer funded organization whose mission is to support children 0-5 and their families so they are healthy safe and ready to learn. I joined WBG to make Glendale a safer place to walk and bike — but am most passionate about public education around bike and pedestrian rights to use the street. I love to bike along Brand Blvd., and walk along Honolulu in Montrose.

Hannah LazarusHannah Lazarus : 
I bicycle to work as an engine-free engineer at a bioscience company. I mostly joined Walk Bike Glendale for selfish reasons: to befriend some rad, civic-minded folks in the neighborhood. My favorite place to walk to in Glendale is Sarkis Pastry for something with fresh cream and/or pistachios. Ridiculously good.


CW_Mar112013-361Erik Yesayan : Born and raised in Glendale, I’ve always been passionate about my community and how to continue improving it. I currently serve on Glendale’s planning commission and am a senior associate for Cordoba Corporation, an LA-based planning and engineering firm. My favorite place to walk in Glendale is on Honolulu Avenue in Montrose; the street is designed to slow down cars, it’s beautifully landscaped, and it’s filled with interesting shops and restaurants.

CW_Mar102013-104Rye Baerg : I am a Regional Planner for the Southern California Association of Governments where I work on regional transportation policy related to active transportation and public health. I joined WBG to try and get more bicycle lanes added to our streets and to have fun with great people. My favorite place to walk in Glendale are the trails in Deukmejian Wilderness Park.