Women’s Ride (6/25/17)

Our 2nd Women’s Ride of 2017 was awesome!


We rode out of Verdugo Park, down Glendale Ave to Wilson.  We rolled past the Eagle Rock Plaza and enjoyed the long gradual climb towards the Eagle Rock Historical Landmark.  The Chevron station at Colorado Blvd and N Figueroa St provided ice for our water bottles.  Since the bike lane is discontinuous between Figueroa and Ave 64 we walked on the sidewalk up the 9% grade.

Pasadena BikeShare

After crossing the Arroyo and Long Beach Freeway, we headed north to the bike lane along Corson St to Allen St.  We scoped out Pasadena’s new Metro bikeshare stations, which open this Friday (7/14/17).  You can access this extension of the Metro transit agency network from Glendale by taking the Metro 501 Bus from the 134 fwy (Brand/Sanchez) to the Metro Gold Line station at Memorial Park.  After a brief hydration/restroom stop at the 7-11 on Colorado at Bonnie, we rode through Pasadena City College to Cordova St.

We took a peek at the green bike lanes on Marengo Ave, but headed North instead to ride along Colorado Blvd (Old Town Pasadena).  Since the temperatures were between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we drank water every 15 minutes and replenished our electrolytes every 45 minutes.  All the participants who started at Verdugo Park completed the 22 mile ride safely.  To save money and make your own electrolyte drink, use the recipe below.

astronaut juice recipe

Continue to follow our facebook page for announcement of upcoming group rides and walks.  Walk Bike Glendale plans to host at least one more women’s ride in 2017.  Until then, we hope to see you in the streets!

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