626 Golden Streets Feeder Ride

Who: Join Walk Bike Glendale on our feeder ride to 626 Golden Streets.

When: Sunday, March 5, 2017.  Meet at 7:30am, roll at 8:00am.

Where: We’re meeting at Glendale Central Park, 201 E. Colorado St.

What: It’s a 7 mile ride to the start of the open streets event.

A map of the route + feeder ride is here.  Because the route parallels the Metro Gold Line, you do not have to bike the entire 50 miles.  You can buy a TAP card for $1  + $1.75 for a one-way trip OR a TAP card for $1 + $7 for a day pass.  With the day pass, you could jump on and off the Gold Line (train) as many times as you like.  The one-way trip is valid for 2 hours after activation.

The feeder ride features a bike lane along York Blvd:

1) Multi-speed bike in good working condition; tires inflated to proper pressure

2) Clothing appropriate for weather and biking

3) Water bottle

4) Sunscreen as needed

5) Snack such as energy bar, dried fruit, or nuts

6) Helmet highly recommended

Hope to see you there!  626 Golden Streets features 17+ miles of smiles. The 626’s first multi-jurisdictional open streets event links Gold Line stations from South Pasadena to Azusa.  Collect 8 free stickers (one at each hub) starting at 8am.


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