Holiday Bike Ride


It’s that jolly time of year again, time to decorate your bike with lights and ride with us through the streets of Glendale.  Mark your calendar for the evening of Sunday, December 18th.  Haven’t you ever wanted to get a peek at all the holiday lights from behind your handlebars?


Growing up in snowy Omaha, Nebraska, I used to get bundled up in snowpants and a parka to drive around with my family looking at holiday lights.  We would sing to the tunes on our favorite holiday cassette tape, while oohing and aahing at the decorations in “big house land.”  I remember having to be careful not to fog up the car windows by pressing my face too close to the glass while singing carols merrily.

I moved to California to avoid the cold and snowy winter.  Now, I can pull on a light jacket and ride through the quiet streets of the Rossmoyne neighborhood on a bicycle with a friendly all-ages group large enough to fill a schoolbus  There’s no cold window between me and the holiday lights, unless you count my glasses!  Somebody always brings a music player with speakers to share some holiday music.  This event makes me see our neighborhood through a child’s eyes, taking me back to some of the happiest times in my life.

We meet up at 5:30pm at Nibley Park (1103 E Mountain St, Glendale, CA 91207) which has restrooms and picnic tables.  Everyone signs a waiver, we have special waivers for riders under the age of 18.  We cover the “rules of the road” since this entire ride is on the streets.  Riders self-sort into a “slow” group and a “slower” group, there’s no first place in this event!  We aim to tour the holiday displays safely and with plenty of time to enjoy the variety.  We will roll out at 6:00pm sharp, so don’t be late!

By law, we need young people (under 18) in helmets.  We will ride down to Gaucho’s Village and the Maryland Paseo for FREE hot chocolate.  Prizes will be awarded for “safest and brightest bike” and for answering questions about “safe night riding.”  Kids younger than 8 years of age should be able to ride 6 miles or be on a safe child-carrying device to participate in the ride.  Our route is posted here:  The ride (including a hot cocoa stop) takes about 2.5 hours, finishing around 8:30pm at the origin (Nibley Park).

This year, we will be joined by families from throughout Los Angeles County as a part of #LACBCfamily where you will be sure to make some new friends.  Everyone is welcome!  I hope to meet you there.

~Kayla A. Kaiser

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