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What is Measure M?

Measure M, known as the “Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan,”  is a half-cent sales tax ballot measure that L.A. County residents have the opportunity to vote on this November. The measure will provide approximately $120 billion over 40 years for transportation projects. Of that money, over $4 billion is set aside for walking and biking. Measure M will give LA County its first sustained source of funding for walking and biking projects.

LACBC and chapters will #VoteYesonM and actively promote Measure M until Election Day November 8th.

Measure M will #makeLACountyLivable .



Measure M will take LA County to the next level of bicycle infrastructure. For example, bicycling from the Valley to Long Beach on the Los Angeles River will finally be made possible, by connecting through the downtown section of the Los Angeles River from the Elysian Valley to Maywood.


With Measure M, communities will become more livable with better amenities for people who walk and bike. With sustainable local funding, cities will be able to make streets safer for all people who want to age, live, work and play in place. More livable communities means better quality of life for you and everyone you love.


Not only will Measure M further connect LA County by expanding our rail network, but it will link communities to each other. You will have more reliable and efficient options to get to the people and places that matter. Measure M will bring LA county together.

 #makeLACounty #VoteYesonM

  • YES on Measure M (Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan) – LACBC supports Measure M because it’ll make LA County more bikeable, livable and connected through dedicated active transportation money.

  • YES on Measure A (Parks for All) – LACBC supports Measure A because it will bring safe, clean neighborhood parks and green spaces for people to play and ride throughout LA County

  • YES on Proposition HHH (Help House the Homeless) – LACBC supports Proposition HHH because we work hard to protect all people who ride, including those without homes.

  • YES on Proposition JJJ (Build Better LA) – LACBC supports Proposition JJJ because we want affordable housing built by the local workers who already, live, play in ride in our communities.

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