626 Golden Streets

Metro Rail has been in operation for 25 years.  The gold line from Los Angeles to Sierra Madre Villa opened in 2003.  This year (2016), a gold line ‘Foothill’ extension has added nearly 12 miles making it the system’s longest line.  To celebrate this landmark, BikeSGV is hosting 626 Golden Streets, an open street event roughly following the Metro Gold Line from South Pasadena to Azusa.  This will most likely be a one-time event, since it is commemorating the opening of the gold line foothill extension, so don’t miss it!


There are several options to get from Glendale to this event without driving:

#1: Feeder ride + event = 2 hours to Azusa, cost = FREE!

8:00am Meet at Glendale Central Park
catch group, sign waiver, chit-chat
ride about 25 miles (18 on car-free streets)
arrive Azusa hub

Those who choose to participate in the feeder ride should consider wearing a helmet (although it is not a requirement). Bring plenty of fluids and snacks. Please RSVP either on Facebook or Meetup so that we know you’re coming. Make sure your bicycle is in good working order by performing an ABC Quick check. If you miss the group, consider taking the bus (see below). A map of the feeder ride + event is here. Riders should be prepared to bike 50 miles round-trip.

#2: 501 bus = 1 hour to Azusa, cost = $2.50 (bus) + $1.75 (rail)
OR   $7 all-day bus/rail pass

8:00am Meet at Sanchez & Brand
catch bus at 8:22am
arrive Del Mar station at 8:34am (12 minutes)
catch Gold Line to Azusa hub (27 minutes)

The fastest way to arrive at the 626 Golden Streets event without a bicycle is by the new NoHo to Pasadena Express bus. Although there is space for 3 bikes on each bus, there is no guarentee that the rack will have an empty position for your bike. It’s easy to put your bike on the bus rack. You can buy your one-day pass in advance at these Glendale locations. Buses run every 30 minutes on weekends. If the bus bike rack is full, you can wait for the next bus.

#3: Metrolink train = 2 hours to Azusa, cost = $10 all-day, all-transit pass

8:00am Meet at Glendale Transportation Center
catch AV260 to Union Station at 8:05am (18 minutes)
board SB354 to Covina at 9:00am (38 minutes)
bike 4 miles north (Citrus, Alosta, Foothill) to Azusa hub (22 minutes)

Unless you have a reason to go through LA Union Station, this is the most expensive and slowest way to get to the event.  However, it is a good option for those who do not want to take a bus.  There is plenty of space for bicycles aboard Metrolink trains.  Unfortunately, trains are sparse in timing and if you miss the first train of the day, you will have to wait 2.5 hours or 5 hours for AV262 and AV264, respectively.  If you miss the train, take the bus (see above). The advantage of a Metrolink weekend pass is that you can use it all day and it allows you to ride light rail and buses (free, unlimited transfers).  You can buy the weekend pass at the Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) at the Glendale Transportation Center. Another advantage is that the Glendale Transportation Center has 426 free parking spaces.

We hope to see you at 626 Golden Streets!

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