2014 Year in Review

Dear Walk Bike Glendale Supporters!

As we close out the year and head into 2015, Walk Bike Glendale wants say a big thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers and our energetic steering committee members for their hard work making Glendale a city where everyone feels safe to walk and bike; and to take a moment to reflect on this past year’s accomplishments!

Before we share though, we’d like to remind folks that none of this work would be possible without donations and memberships. We know donation requests are frequent this time of year, but let me assure you that investing in Walk Bike Glendale will pay dividends!

Add us to your end of year donations list, register with us as a volunteer, or renew your membership with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), noting Walk Bike Glendale as your chapter group.

Now let’s inspire you! Here are all the amazing things we did this year with your support.

2014 was a year of abundance, full of exciting milestones. We hosted more events, fought harder for safer streets, and received headline after headline for our hard work in promoting bicycling and walking in Glendale.

Focus on Long Term Sustainability:

In February, Walk Bike Glendale held our first Strategic Planning Retreat to map out our goals for 2014-2016. We are happy to announce that at our December meeting, the final version of our 2014-2016 Strategic Plan was approved, and will be ready for public distribution in early 2015. With our strategic plan firmly in place, we will be on solid ground to apply for grant funding and bring in additional dollars to support our work.

Events, Events, Events:

Thanks to our amazing steering committee, Walk Bike Glendale hosted more events in 2014 than ever before. Here’s the short list!


This year Walk Bike Glendale continued our annual Bike Month and Walktober activities and added multiple Operation Firefly outreach events to make sure cyclists in Glendale have and use lights while riding at night. We also volunteered at numerous events such as Earth Day and K-9s in the Park to share information on the rules of the road and how to walk and bike safely. Finally, several steering committee members took a “Traffic Safety 101” course offered by LACBC which is the first step to becoming bicycle safety instructors. This means that next year we will be able to expand our educational efforts and teach more classes to the public here in Glendale on how to ride safely on the streets in traffic.


The City of Glendale made several huge strides this year that will benefit the residents for years to come. Most importantly, with support and encouragement from Walk Bike Glendale, the City received $2,642,000 in grants for a Pedestrian Safety Master Plan, a City-wide Safety Education Initiative and Safe Routes to School Improvements. We also advocated for the creation of the Pedestrian Safety Task Force and provided feedback to the city on numerous opportunities to make the city safer for pedestrians. In addition, we have attended hours of meetings with the City on infrastructure projects to make sure every time the city improves a street, they do it for all modes.

As we move into 2015 we look forward to your support either as an event volunteer; standing alongside us to support safer infrastructure; or helping educate all of our community members about the benefits of walking and bicycling in our wonderful Jewel City.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and thank you,

Katie Kurutz

Walk Bike Glendale Chair

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