Glendale Awarded Funding for Pedestrian Master Plan and Safe Routes to Schools

On Wednesday, August 20th, the California Transportation Commission approved the final project list for Cycle 1 of the Statewide Active Transportation Program. Walk Bike Glendale is happy to announce that the City of Glendale was awarded $500,000 to develop a citywide pedestrian plan to identify how to make Glendale safer for pedestrians. This recommendation was one of Walk Bike Glendale’s high priorities during our participation on the Pedestrian Safety Task Force. We would like to thank the city staff who wrote the grant and our city council members who supported the creation of the Task Force.

Glendale was also awarded $1,642,000 for additional Safe Routes to School improvements across the city. This grant will be used to make pedestrian improvements around schools to help make it safer for children to walk and bicycle to school.

In total Glendale submitted four grants to the statewide competition. The two unfunded grants will now be considered in a smaller regional pot of funding. If funded these grants would develop a pedestrian safety campaign and begin the creation of a bicycle sharing system in Glendale.

Update: Glendale received $500,000 for a Citywide Safety and Education Campaign from the Southern California Association of Governments.

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