Phase 1 of the Bicycle Transportation Plan moves to Council!


UPDATE (8/6/13): The item was pulled from the City Council agenda due to interest in pursuing different improvements along Chevy Chase. We will keep you posted about the developments and how this can move forward.

This Tuesday at at 6:00 pm, Phase 1 of the Bicycle Transportation Plan will be voted on by the Glendale City Council.  We encourage anyone who supports improving bicycling in Glendale to attend this meeting and voice their support. The item is on the consent agenda and not expected to receive any opposition, but it is important for the City Council to be reminded that people bicycle in Glendale and that we support the improvements that are being made.

We offer the following talking points to anyone who is attending the meeting:

  • Support Phase 1 moving forward quickly.  While we would like Phase 1 to be more aggressive and provide separated facilities, we realize that a delay of this project would set back months of staff work.  Therefore if any modifications are made to the proposed Phase 1 improvements staff should move forward with the other projects without delay.
  • Where sharrows are installed along Broadway, Chevy Chase and Honolulu, they should be no further than 100 ft. apart.
  • Encourage the council to explore the inclusion of bike lanes on streets such as Honolulu and Chevy Chase in future phases of implementation.

If you have comments regarding the implementation of the Bicycle Transportation Plan, please send them to City Council or to Walk Bike Glendale.

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