Response to City Council Comments on Riverwalk Bridge

CW_Mar112013-300On July 12th the Glendale News-Press posted an article that outlined responses from Glendale City Council Members regarding Phase 3  of the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk.  Phase 3 would include a bridge from the end of the existing Riverwalk across the LA River to the LA River Path and would provide residents of north Glendale with bicycle and pedestrian access to Grifith Park, the LA River Path, the Los Angeles Zoo and the Autry Museum.

The News-Press article was written in response to the construction of bridge called the North Atwater Crossing Project which has recently been approved by Los Angeles Board of Public Works. This bridge will be situated at the end of Chevy Chase Blvd.

The News-Press quotes both Ara Najarian and Dave Weaver as doubting the necessity of the Riverwalk bridge now that the Atwater bridge is moving forward. Walk Bike Glendale firmly believes that the Riverwalk bridge is a necessary link to the LA River Path for both commuter cyclists and recreational users and will improve the lives of residents in north Glendale.

In response to the comments from the two council members Walk Bike Glendale submitted a letter to the council voicing our support for moving forward with the project.  We strongly encourage our members to email the City Council and encourage them to continue progress on this important project.

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