Our Thoughts are With the Hernandez Family

Jonathan Hernandez Shrine

The Walk Bike Glendale family is deeply saddened by the death of 13-year-old Jonathan Hernandez who was struck  by a school bus while riding his bicycle through the intersection of Riverdale and Columbus on Thursday afternoon. Our sincere condolences go out to Jonathan’s family and friends and his teachers and classmates at Roosevelt Middle School.

Preventable deaths like these are especially tragic when they involve a child. Glendale averages approximately 100 pedestrian and 50 bicycle collisions with automobiles each year that result in injuries and fatalities. In recent years, the city of Glendale has made progress on making our streets more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, but deaths like Jonathan’s remind us that more can be done.

Along with supporting the Hernandez family, Walk Bike Glendale asks all Glendale community members to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety education, as well as street improvements, as key strategies to improving safety and reducing collisions for everyone.

Bicycle collisions can be prevented by learning and following the rules of the road, which include but are not limited to:

  • Riding on the street, and with the flow of traffic
  • Children riding on sidewalks should yield to pedestrians and vehicles
  • Obeying all signs, street markings and signals
  • Looking both ways and yielding to cross-traffic before crossing intersections
  • Wearing a bicycle helmet, which is mandated by law for children under the age of 18

As a regional chapter of the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition, Walk Bike Glendale members are available as a resource to the community to educate about bike and pedestrian safety.  Upcoming opportunities to learn more about bike safety include:

Bike-to-School Day events with safety overviews:

  • May 8 – R.D. White Elementary
  • May 15 – Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • May 17 – Columbus Elementary

Bicycle Skills Safety Rodeo:

Additionally you can download the LA County Bike Coalition’s “Pocket Safety Guide.” This is an easy to read education tool in English and Spanish meant to be shared widely. For more information on bicycle safety, visit the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition resources page.

Walk Bike Glendale Press Release FINAL .

One thought on “Our Thoughts are With the Hernandez Family

  1. He was a friend of mine ❤
    Why do we live if eventually we are going to die?
    But my condolences go to him and his family.

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