Take Action Now to Support the Honolulu Road Diet Project!

The City of Glendale is considering a road diet test on Honolulu Avenue and the issue is coming back to City Council one more time on Tuesday June 19.  Now more than ever we need your expressed support in advocating for bicycle infrastructure and road safety improvements in Glendale.  We are putting all of our effort into this meeting because we want to be sure the Honolulu Road Diet Test passes and is successful.  The decision made at this council meeting will have a real effect on future bicycle-related decisions made in the city.  Join us and your neighbors in promoting safer streets for everyone – here’s how…

1.  Come to the City Council meeting
Showing your support at a meeting means a lot to council members.  It is easy to fill out a card and express your support, even if what you have to say is only a few seconds long.  Educate your neighbors about the issue as well and bring them along.

Tuesday June 19 at 6 p.m.  |   613 E. Broadway 2nd Floor

– OR – 

2.  Sign our Petition
If you cannot make it to the council meeting, please sign ourpetition.  We will be presenting to the Council our petitions (both electronic and hand-signed) at this meeting.  You can also forward this to your friends that live in Glendale and especially in the Montrose neighborhood.  Forward this to 5 of your friends – you will help our reach significantly.


3.  Email our Council Members
Council always wants to hear from their constituents.  Send them an email to express your support.  You can email them at citycouncil@ci.glendale.ca.us.  Please also CCwalkbikeglendale@gmail.com so we keep track of all support letters being sent to City Council.
Thanks for doing your part in advocating for safer streets in Glendale.  Stay tuned for more information about the Bicycle Master Plan coming up in July and other upcoming events!

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