Honolulu Avenue Road Diet Community Meeting – Thurs. April 26 @ 7PM

There will be a Community Meeting this Thursday at 7 PM for the Honolulu Avenue Road Diet project. The Honolulu Road Diet is a test project that the City will conduct on Honolulu Avenue between approximately Whiting Woods Road and Orangedale Avenue.  The project, starting in June, will replace two travel lanes with a left-turn-center-lane and buffered bicycle lanes going each direction.  After 9 months, the City Council will make a decision to make permanent the road diet, or reverse back to the existing street design.

In a previous post, we highlighted the benefits a road diet can result for a community.  Most importantly, we highlighted the increase in safety that has resulted in previous road diet projects across the country.  Honolulu Avenue is a street that could produce similar benefits since it’s relatively flat and contains a low traffic volume compared to most major streets in Glendale.  If you’ve ever walked, biked or even drove on that portion of Honlulu Avenue, then you know yourself how dangerous it can feel to be on that street!

The meeting will be a great opportunity to learn more about the project and get your questions answered. It will also be a good opportunity for the Traffic & Transportation staff to find out the level of community support for the project.

For more information on the project, please visit the City’s website at: www.HonoluluRoadDiet.com

We have setup a Facebook event page here you can use to RSVP to or to share with your friends and neighbors.  We’ve also established an online petition here that you can sign in support of the project .

If you can’t attend the meeting, then you’re encouraged to send an email to the City stating your support.

Please contact us at WalkBikeGlendale@gmail.com for any more information.

Below is a “before” and “after” diagram of what Honolulu Avenue will look like after the project is completed.

3 thoughts on “Honolulu Avenue Road Diet Community Meeting – Thurs. April 26 @ 7PM

  1. Make sure one of those lines in the bike lane buffer is a skip-stripe. If you put 2 solid white lines between the bike lane the travel lane, you’ll have the CABO/VC crowd howling about how a double line makes it illegal for them to leave the bike lane (despite the fact that a double white is _advisory_ while a double yellow is legally enforceable).

    • It was once true that double white lines were advisory, but this is no longer so in California. AB 1105 (Gordon), signed July 25, 2011, amended Vehicle Code section 21460 to provide:

      “(b) If double parallel solid white lines are in place, a person driving a vehicle shall not cross any part of those double solid white lines, except as permitted in this section or Section 21655.8.”

      The exceptions are for left turns at an intersection or into or out of a driveway, lawful U-turns, off-center traffic lanes, and HOV lanes under certain conditions.

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