Road Diet Approved!

If you haven’t been following our Live Tweeting of the City Council meeting, great news! Council (with the exception of Mr. Weaver) has voted yes for a road diet. It will happen along Honolulu from Ramsdall to Las Palmas!

There were many speakers in support of the road diet, and about two or three people not in support. Some of their concerns were not well founded, such as:

  • Bicyclists should ride on the sidewalks (the CA Vehicle Code 21200
    says that bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of vehicles. Bicyclists have a right to ride in the roadway. Also, Glendale Municipal code prohibits riding on the sidewalk in any business district)
  • Taking away lanes would cause heavy congestion (Data from previous projects has proven that there is no significant increase in congestion for taking away two through lanes on roads with such a low ADT)
  • Drivers pay taxes and hence that money should go towards improving roadways for cars and drivers (Cyclists and pedestrians all pay taxes just the same, and California legislators have already passed the Complete Streets Law in 2008, making it required to consider all road users when designing roadways)
  • Transportation and Traffic Engineering has always been concerned with making it easier to travel via car (that may have been true several decades ago, but no longer holds true, transportation research centers such as UC Berkley and other universities such as MIT and Cal Poly Pomona are constantly researching how to make roadways more accessible and to move away from vehicles as the major mode of choice. Large Engineering Companies such as Stantec and Fehr & Peers have been working on projects to improve cyclist and pedestrian access to infrastructure)
  • Concern over community outreach and possible opposition (this is very much an important aspect of successful projects, and we are putting in the effort to reach out to everyone, especially those who will be directly affected, and making them aware. There will be opposition, not everyone likes everything, but we are doing our best along with City Staff to make sure that we do as much as possible in providing the evidence for this project, without censoring it, so that anyone can draw their own conclusions. Realize that there are actual engineers behind this project, making it possible, it’s not a group of random people throwing out ideas)

It is absolutely necessary to point out that though we support projects that improve cyclist and pedestrian mobility, our Mission and Vision we don’t have blinders on and want to “inspire the community to get involved and make a difference.” So, if you have a comment, a concern, or a suggestion, either in support or against road diets or anything else we are involved in, let us know! We want to work with you in making Glendale better, we are citizens of Glendale, just like you, who want to help make our community better for all.

2 thoughts on “Road Diet Approved!

  1. Not only do pedestrians and cyclists pay taxes…a single car causes many orders of magnitude more damage to roads than all non-motorized users combined. The hard truth to swallow is that pedestrians and cyclists subsidize roads and parking for cars, which are on welfare. In addition, a road diet improves the safety of all road users, including reducing car-car accidents.

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