Road Diet Outreach Effort

Thanks to Glendale Safe and Healthy Streets for spreading the word!

The Glendale City Council will be discussing potential streets for a pilot “road diet” at their regular meeting on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 6pm.  Last month City Staff presented La Crescenta as a potential street since it will be resurfaced later this year. Council instructed staff to come back in January with additional streets for consideration.

A road diet is intended to make streets safer and more livable for all road users and people who live, work, or go to school on those streets. Road diets have been successfully implemented in Burbank on Verdugo Ave. and the City of Los Angeles on 7th Street near downtown. As a pilot project, a road diet is reversible and such projects are consistent with Safe & Healthy Streets Plan Policy 5.2f- “Pursue inexpensive and experimental pilot projects for pedestrians and bicyclists that can be made permanent whenever a pilot project is successful or dropped when it is not.” (chapter 5, page 60) For more information about what a road diet is and how it works, you can read a past Safe & Healthy Streets blog post (click here). For even more information about road diets, here is a post with even more links.
In short, the potential and compelling benefits of a road diet are:

  • Reduced speeding (especially the most egregious speeders)
  • Reduction in traffic collisions and injuries (motor vehicle collisions and collisions involving motor vehicles and pedestrians/bikes go down)
  • Safer for pedestrians due to shorter crossing distances
  • Improved efficiency with addition of left turn lanes (if they previously didn’t exist)
  • More mobility choices (if adding transit stops, bike lanes, sidewalks, ADA or crossing improvements)
  • Wider travel lanes (in some cases, depending on road width)
  • Improved livability and quality of life. Better environment for those living along the street
  • Improved bicycle, pedestrian and transit  conditions , especially for seniors and children
  • May allow for wider sidewalks and parkways

Here’s what you can do!

  1. We are looking for people who live or work on or near La Crescenta , Honolulu, and Verdugo Rd. who would support a road diet.  If that’s you, please contact us.
  2. We will be conducting community outreach this weekend; walking the neighborhoods and knocking on doors, and tabling at the Montrose Farmers Market. If you can help with this effort, please contact them.
  3. You can attend next week’s City Council meeting and voice your support for road diets as a measure to ensure safer streets for everyone: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and residents. The meeting agenda should be posted on Friday here.

If you can’t attend the meeting, please send an e-mail to please send an e-mail to City Council voicing your support.

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